Redhand Security is about information. Information for people who are searching for home and enterprise security software. This site discusses a selection of software tools such as virus scanners, internet filtering products, firewalls, drive scanning and cleaning tools and more.

Also discussed are similar consumer tools that are aimed at the home-user market - here a selection of the best will be presented as well.
  In this modern world of widespread computer access, mobile computing, network connectivity that spans the globe and free online access to an ever-growing storehouse of information, security concerns are more than ever coming to the forefront. With the exponential growth of computer users worldwide, the information age is presenting its own challenges in terms of data protection, network security and mitigation of the ever increasing threats posed by malicious behaviour on the information superhighway. Redhand Security is an informational site intended to provide all needed information and guidance to computer users who are seeking to protect themselves from modern threats to data security.  
This site provides a starting point for new computer users who need to protect their businesses or them-selves against internet based threats, and various other threats imposed by the increasing need to offer more access while protecting our data with strong safety measures.
We hope that your visits to our site are informative and interesting and that they provide you with the tools you need to move forward.
  Virus Scanners
Virus Scanners are designed to remove virus threats both incoming from internet and external sources, and already present on the system in question.
Internet Filter Products
The objective of an Internet filter is to prevent access to unsuitable material by erecting a barrier between a local com-puter or intranet and the internet.
Firewalls are used to block access to a computer through its network connection to prevent hackers and malicious users from accessing data on a PC.
Drive Cleaning Tools
These software tools are used to search a computer for adult material that already exists there and help remove it. More...